Creative Parties for a Creative You!

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How we love to stick things.

Whatever we can lay our hands on, we love to reinvent and create using our imaginations.   We just love making things for ourselves, parents and friends.  These options are not just for children, they’re for all who love to be creative.  Pick your option (maximum of 2 options) and e-mail or call us to arrange a delivery.  All options come in ready-to-go boxes with instructions.  We can provide staff to stay and make.  If you order 10 or more we will supply a member of staff free of charge.   Options generally take 1.5 hours. It depends on the age of the groups.  Provided are all the materials, paint brushes, jars for water, glues and aprons.  We collect any of our goods within 10days of your party.  We can arrange a convenient time for this. Need tables and chairs?  No problem we can bring them!


1. Bead Making

Bead Making

We bring Oodles for bits for you to play with.

‘Happiness is beading with your friends’

£8.00 per head.  Make up to 3 bracelets or one huge necklace!



2. Money Boxes


We all love a money box!  Choose from a variety of ceramic figurines to paint.  Once dried have a rummage in our box of tricks for something fabulous to stick on!

£7.50 Per Head



3. Decorate a BOX

Using ribbons and Beads from the shop floor we are going to create a Bead Box for all your beads, bits & bobs. Join us from 3.30pm till 5pm for some box fun. Cost £3

Like cats, we all love a BOX! All shapes and sizes to choose from and tubs of ‘stuff’ to stick on… you’ll be spoilt for choice!

£10.00 per head.



4. Hand Mirrors

handheld mirror

Heart and Oval shape mirrors are great for painting or sticking Foam Clay to. Over 6 colours to choose from with a box of bling to add if needed.

£8.00 per head 


5. Wooden Door Sign


First we paint! Then we stick!

Foam letters supplied, however you don’t

have to use them… just your imagination and

something from our huge box of magic.

£10.00 per head


6. Mirror Mirror…


Paint first then pick and stick your Jewels and fancy bits and bobs onto your mirror.

We bring the bling and you add the Zing!

£12 per head


7. Mask Decoration


Choose your mask and get theatrical, jester like or just plan scary, it’s your choice.

We bring the paint, ideas and bits to add… you put it all together. £10 per head


8. Dinosaurs


All species available to paint and play with! Choose either a plastic or papier-mâché Dino.

Googly eyes a must!

£7.00 per head. Ideal for Under 5’s

9. Silk Clay & Canvas


3 Pots of Silk Clay, 1 canvas and a 3d marker…. what will you make? No mess, just squidgy fun to hang on your wall!

£8.00 per head  


10. Papier-mâché 

From sharks to penguins to dogs and cats! What animal will you pick? Special glue and over 40 patterns of paper provided!

£10 per head

11. Letters


We bring paint, Decopatch papers and a crate full of sparkles!  You can stand your letter up, stick them onto another creative object or lay your letters on a canvas ready for hanging! Large Letters £8.95 Small letters £7.95


12. Treasure Boxes


2 Treasure Boxes of different sizes per person.  Choose from a full range of treasure to stick onto your painted box.  For the girls we can make trinket boxes and bling accordingly!

£8 per head

13. Canvas

Wow, well what can you do with a canvas!?  Hang on!  What can’t you do with it?

Paint, stick, clay fun, decoupage or draw on it…  We bring a crate full of stuff and you can sort it!

Canvas are offered in various sizes 

£8 per head.



14. Terracotta


Money Boxes to paint, Decoupage and bling up. Choose from any of the above or all for them for the children decide upon.

Comes with our big crate of STUFF to get all arty with.  £9.50 per head

15. Basket Weaving

Something a bit different.  Basket Weaving ideal for 8 yrs plus. Paint the base first, hair dry off and off we go with some cool weaving.

Easy to make but needs patience.

£10 Per Head

16. Lizards

Colour-up using paints, felt tips, 3D puffs, jewels and much more to give your lizard a crazy personality. 3 x lizards.  There are different types to enjoy and create. 

£8 Per Head.


17. T-Shirts

Over 30 T-Shirt designs to include: Cupcakes, Owls, Dinosaurs, T-Rex, Russian Dolls, Butterflies, Hearts, Diggers, Flowers, and Robots.  Age ranges 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 and 9-11yrs. T-Shirts are 100% cotton and excellent quality. All pens are provided for the session.

£15.00 Per Head



18. Wooden Boxes

6 Sizes to choose from.  Take two smaller ones or one larger box to decorate. We bring many crates of different goodies for you to enjoy adding to your box.  More bits and pieces than you can ever imagine!

£10 Per Head

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