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Have you own balloons and require Helium only? We’ll collect them and quote at your door if you are unable to get to Abbots Langley. We will then blow them and send them to your venue or back to your door. 30″ numbers 0-9 (also available in Gold or Black). Weights are free.

Just £8.95 blown with a weight.


18 ” Foil Balloons £2.95 with a free weight


from 18 – 100; here are some of the designs and colours to choose from:


We also offer Bubble Balloons.  These are larger than the above and see through.  Rounder too!  All ages available.  £4.95 with a free weight.

03 Bubble 22" Balloon £5.45

Back to the 18″ Foil and these below are again £2.95 blown with helium and weighted!

32951-happy-birthday 32955-happy-birthday41928happy-birthday32957happy-birthday 41931happy-birthday41935happy-birthday41939

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